Vi ste ovde: Početak Vesti Light & Sound Design Appointed Exclusive Serbian Distributor for DigiBird

Light & Sound Design Appointed Exclusive Serbian Distributor for DigiBird

DigiBird is excited to announce that LSD (Light & Sound Design) of Serbia has been appointed the official exclusive distributor for DigiBird’s video wall controllers throughout Serbia.

Light & Sound Design, a privately held company based in Belgrade, Serbia, is a recognized leader in professional AV distribution in Serbia and the Balkan region. The company has successfully implemented numerous solutions and projects in government institutions, TV stations and private organizations across Balkan countries since 1991. LSD’s core strength lies both in its commitment to service, 24/7 support to clients and a proactive approach to technology and market changes.

The beginnings of the DigiBird-LSD relationship were forged at the ISE trade show in Amsterdam in early 2016. As explained by LSD General Manager, Milan Scepanovic: “After becoming acquainted with the DigiBird product portfolio in the spring of 2016, we decided to present the DigiBirdbrand and technical solutions to our clients and to invest in their range of products. Our staff is highly enthusiastic about the new opportunities and possibilities that we can offer to our clients. We are widely considered to be a trend-setting distributor throughout the Balkan region and we feel that DigiBird is the right partner for realizing our vision. We are proud to have been appointed as the Serbian exclusive distributor for DigiBird, and we have received a great deal of praise about the DigiBird concept from the companies we supply. Their products allow us to supply our clients with innovative and eye-catching, yet cost effective solutions, without compromise in quality.”

Kevin Wang, COO of DigiBird, relates a similar idea: “Today, video walls are ubiquitous, seen not only in work spaces, such as control rooms, meeting rooms and operating centers, but also in public spaces like retail stores, stadiums, airports and museums. As a top player in the videowall processing industry, DigiBird is excited to partner with LSD and provide our products and services to customers in Serbia. We are dedicated to providing our LSD and their clients the best practices in visual collaboration and communication.”

Having established a strong foothold in the professional distribution segment of the Balkans area, LSD plans to continue the policy of being on the forefront of bringing technical development and educational support to the region. By the same token, DigiBird is eager to work alongside LSD in opening up the many opportunities that exist in the emerging Serbian and Balkan markets. Together, with DigiBird’s robust, ground-breaking technology and unique design, along with LSD’s catalog of products and wide-reach,the two companiesare well-placed to offer new and exciting solutions throughout Serbia.